White Papers

edited by Philip Beesley & Ala Roushan

Riverside Architectural Press - 2016

Sentient Chamber

Edited by Armstrong, Beesley, Ellard, & Ku ...

Riverside Architectural Press - 2017

Near-Living Architecture

Edited by Philip Beesley

Riverside Architectural Press - 2014

Chapters, Papers, Articles

Evolving Systems within Immersive A ...

By Rob Gorbet, Mo Memarian, Matthew Chan, ...

Next Generation Building - 2015

Curiosity-Based Learning Algorithm

By Matthew T.K. Chan, Rob Gorbet, Philip B ...

IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intel ... - 2015

Architecture and Adaptation

By Socrates Yiannoudes

Routledge - 2016

Planet B: 100 Ideas for a New World

Edited by Alain Bieber

Koenig Books - 2016

Dissipative Architectures

By Philip Beesley

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School o ... - 2015

Interacting with Curious Agents

Matthew T. K. Chan, Rob Gorbet, Philip Bee ...

25th IEEE International Symposium on Robot ... - 2016