Individual Collaborator

Hyperbody, TU Delft

Contact: Nimish Biloria

Directed by Prof. ir. Kas Oosterhuis and managed by Dr.-Ing. Henriette Bier and Dr. Nimish Biloria, Hyperbody focuses on employing and advancing techniques and methods for designing, building, and operating Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture. Interactivity is embedded not only in the process of informed collaborative design, but also in the production and the operation of buildings. In this context, non-standard architecture is defined as an architecture, which departs from modernist, repetitive, mass-production principles in order to address complexity, variation, and mass-customization. Furthermore, interactivity in architecture is addressed at the level where building components and buildings become dynamic, acting and re-acting in response to environmental and user-specific needs.

Hyperbody focuses not only on issues of interdisciplinary design implemented in digitally and electronically augmented spatial environments but also on prototype development for non-standard and interactive architecture. In addition to implementation and development of computer-based methodologies for design conceptualization, representation, and simulation, Hyperbody addresses issues of computer-aided design and manufacturing employing parametric design and building information modeling. In this context, real-time interactive environments are conceived as connectivities between buildings and building components via embedded sensor-actuator technologies. These enable emergent spatial behaviors through real-time data-exchange-based on multi-player game designs.