Ananda Gabo

Bio Arts Technician


Ananda Gabo is an industrial designer currently based in Toronto, and has been making work around the themes of bio-fabrication since 2011. They are a co-founder of Culture² (pronounced “Culture Culture”), a journal for creative biology, ancestral knowledge, and community science.  In 2021, they also won 2nd place in the Google x Biodesign challenge.

Their current practice focuses on building expressive systems for bioprocessing and collaborative artifact creation with local artists in exploring near-future, and community-centered bio-economies. For this work, Ananda and Crtcl Crafting have received a Future Makers Grant (supported by the City of Toronto) and an Ontario Arts Council grant (2021). Crtcl Crafting is a collective that aims to explore methodologies of small-scale manufacturing through biology and the nuances of craft.

Ananda is also currently a researcher with Dias:stories (a SSHRC-funded project with the Public Visualization Lab), in researching how Southeast Asian diasporic narratives and storytelling can be expressed through digital mediums and games.