Bianca Weeko Martin

Director of Dissemination

LASG Studio

Bianca Weeko Martin manages publications for Riverside Architectural Press and leads web development, graphic and video editing special projects in addition to designing components for complex installations such as Meander at Tapestry Hall, Cambridge and Threshold at San Jose Airport. She was also involved in the CAST-LASG Workshop at the University of Manitoba and Grove at the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture. Bianca holds a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Waterloo. Her thesis work looked at contemporary forms of architectural emplacement, representation and publishing, framed using her father’s ancestral house in the Philippines. She brings a variety of experiences—from curatorial work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, workshops and education with Shad Canada, the Goethe-Institut Toronto, Xpace Cultural Centre and the Alfredo F. Tadiar Library in the Philippines, as well as internships completed at architectural firms in New York City, Melbourne, and Mexico City. Bianca enjoys exploring different methods of communication in the studio including writing, user interfaces, and quick sketches.