Henriette Bier

Academic Partner

Delft University of Technology

After graduating in architecture (1998) from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, Henriette Bier worked with Morphosis (1999-2001) on internationally relevant projects in the US and Europe. She has taught digitally-driven architectural design (2002-2003) at universities in Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and since 2004 she mainly teaches and researches at Technical University Delft (TUD) with a focus on Robotic Building. Bier initiated and coordinated (2005-06) a workshop and lecture series on Digital Design and Fabrication with invited guests from MIT and ETHZ, and finalized (2008) her PhD on System-embedded Intelligence in Architecture. She coordinated EU projects E-Archidoct and F2F Continuum (2007-10) and led 4TU projects RDCB and Adaptive Joints (2015-18). From 2017 to 2019, Henriette Bier served as a professor at the Dessau Institute of Architecture. Results of her research are internationally published in books, journals and conference proceedings and she regularly lectures and leads workshops internationally.