Teodor Mlynczyk

Systems Designer

LASG Studio

Teodor Mlynczyk is a recent Bachelor of Architectural Studies graduate from the University of Waterloo. His academic journey has followed a curiosity and passion for exploring interdisciplinary fields that intersect with architecture. Throughout his undergraduate studies at Waterloo to the present day, Teodor’s intellectual interests have extended beyond traditional architectural boundaries, encompassing an extensive range of subjects including digital fabrication, prototyping, and computational design.

Teodor has a wealth of practical experience developed over his studies and while honing his skills at architecture and fabrication studios across Canada. Notably, Teodor’s recent internship at an architectural manufacturing firm in Toronto provided him with useful hands-on knowledge spanning multiple fabrication techniques, including woodworking, welding, 3D printing, and laser cutting, among others. As a dedicated member of the LASG team, Teodor is focused on delving deeper into the intricate interplay between architecture, technology, and art, further expanding his expertise in the fields of fabrication, research, and design.