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Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Bloomington, US  2018

Amatria is a permanent sculpture offering a delicate quilt-like overhead canopy composed of hundreds of thousands of custom-made transparent components, creating a powerfully evocative presence drawing from interdisciplinary research and technological innovation. Amatria evokes the core theme of abiogenesis, the emergence of life occurring at the beginning of the universe. Soaring clouds and tangled thickets of 3D-printed formations are embedded with artificial intelligence that produces waves of constantly-changing sound, whispering and calling in response to the movements of viewers. Hovering, lightweight meshes create delicate canopies filled with quivering, pulsing mechanisms above and around this artificial forest. Densely massed spheres emulating the hollow bones of birds and mammals are lined with bubbling prototype cells filled with self-renewing chemistry. Amatria includes core contributions led by Amsterdam-based 4DSOUND, University of Waterloo Psychology Professor, Colin Ellard, Monash University Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering Professor, Dana Kulić, and Indiana University Distinguished Information Science and Computing Professor, Katy Börner. By merging lighting and motion sensors with atmospheric sounds, a “living” sculpture breathes, undulates and shifts in response to the movements of visitors.

The experimental research foregrounding this permanent testbed sculpture asks: what if buildings could know us, talk to us and even care about us? Indiana University students and faculty designed custom data visualizations mapping Amatria’s sensor and actuator types, their positions, communication flows and complex behaviors unfolding over time.

Project Leads

  • Philip Beesley
  • Katy Börner
  • Andreas Buekle
  • Mark Francis

PBAI Core Team

Gabriella Bevilacqua – Production Manager
Timothy Boll – Design Lead
Victoria Fard – Design Lead
Nathanael Scheffler – Design
Wenlong Meng – Engineer
Amber Ma – Engineer


Mehreen Ali
Lorena Almarez
Siddhant Chandgadkar
Charlotte Dyck
Adam Francey
Maxime Gordon
Joey Jacobson
Luke Kimmerer
Richard Mui
Anne Paxton
Jordan Prosser
Lily Rae
Adam Schwartzentruber
Aleksandra Simic
Matthew Spremuli
Amir Rostami
Padmini Unni
Mike Zheh Hu


Robert Gorbet
Salvador Breed, 4DSOUND
Poul Holleman, 4DSOUND

Indiana University Team

Brian, IU physical plant staff
Greg, IU physical plant staff
Will Bewley
Don Carlberg
Kallah Gallapoo

Production (Toronto)

Rasha Abou-Hawach
Ous Abou Ras
Parvin Atayee
Ozlem Bektas
Brandon Bernard
Avijit Chakrabarty
Eric Co
Chelsea Chisim
Jianghong Dai
Gene Duterte
Marla Goubran
Chenyu Huang
Justin Hung
Marina Ibrahim
Chris Kang
Jocelyn Kent
Shamim Khedri
Dohyon Kim
Michelle Lan
Yena Lee
Meikang Li
Noor Mah
Donna Ming Liu
Maha Mubeen
Zargham Nasir
Pierre Ng
Lila Nguyen
Junior Osei Wireko
Christian Paez Diaz
Louell Palparan
Pooja Patel
Sanjana Patel
Lidia Proykina
Zheohuan Qiu

Production (Indiana)

Maryam Adeniyi
Janice Bagwell
Ian Bailey
Anna Bednarski
Wil Bewley
Steve C
Kate Caldwell
Dan Caldwell
Owen Caldwell
Marshall Caldwell
Chelsea Campbell
Zhi Chai
Yanlin Chen
Scott Dauer
Deepthi Devireddy
Kailen Dobias
Tia Donaldson
James Duana
Hunter Durkin
Abin Francis
Gamaliel Garcia
Lindsay Giacomino
Dalton Gray
Hiroko Hanamura
Chris Hebb
Emerson Hobson
Joey Huang
Mark Jackman
Qinwen Jiang
Jeremy Jin
Avryn Leo Justin
Jimmy Kacius
Anna Keune
Diane Kewley-Port
Amanda King
Skyler Kolli
Sahiti Korrapati
Sara Laughlin
Yuqian Li
Kirstine Lindemann
Sarah Lloyd
Cathy Lu
Wenxuan Ma
Binita Madaiah

Ann Marie Matheny
Dominic Matthys
Lindsey Maynard
Michael McDaniel
Xandria McDowell
Kate Messing
Connie Michalopoulos
Stasa Milojev
Rachel Morris
Kathy Morrison
Benjamin Moschea
Hamid Nadir
Krishan Narsinghani
Andrew O’Conor
Jay Patel
Nate Pellant
Max Potter + Parent
Bunardy Pranata
Kiarra Pratchett
Tim Pratt
Andre Quan
Sierra T. Reed
Nova Richardson

Supported by: Indiana University, Jane and Pat Martin, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, University of Waterloo, Canada Council for the Arts, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Mitacs. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824160.

  • Indiana University
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Waterloo Architecture
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Toronto Arts Council
  • Mitacs
  • Horizon 2020 – European Commission