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Ar Frout Reef

Ar Frout Castle

Carantec, FR  2021

Ar Frout Reef is a cascading sculpture environment installed in a renovated 16th century chateau located on the coast of Brittany, France. A canopy made from two billowing, curving wing forms reaches over the main hall of the chateau. The work is also accessible from a second-floor balcony. The canopy’s intricate skeletal fabric is created from many hundreds of expanded stainless steel and transparent polymer skeletons that create a lace-like fabric. Interwoven within this fabric are networks of light chains and clusters of liquid-filled glass flasks. Clouds of expressive light move gently through the light chains. In a second installation, a chandelier composed of vertical glass clusters embroidered with intricate lacework hangs within a grand stairwell.


Project Leads

  • Philip Beesley
  • Timothy Boll


Michael Lancaster
Matt Gorbet
Rob Gorbet


Jinchen Cai
Filipe Costa
Kevan Cress
Mackenzie van Dam
Ellie Hayden
Lisa Jiang
Tristan Kovacs
Bianca Weeko Martin
Anne Paxton
Stephen Ru
Nathan Shakura
Sofia Villasmil Wilhelm



Alexandros Angelidis
Lucia Kempe
Adam Schwartzentruber


Blessing Adereti
Joan Ang
Mads Brimble
Helen Chen
Filiz Eryilmaz
Ruizong Ge
Liam Mackenzie
Helia Mahdavian
Dhruv Patel
Abida Rahman