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The Work of the Living Architecture Systems Group

J. Wayne Stark Galleries in the Memorial Student Center, Texas A&M University

College Station, US  2019

The Work of the Living Architecture Systems Group was an exhibition which surveyed ten years of the Living Architecture Systems Group’s work in the exploration of future architecture. The exhibit was presented at the J. Wayne Stark Galleries at Texas A&M University from September 2 to 29, 2019. The exhibition featured detailed illustrations of a number of key projects and prototypes, as well as select LASG publications. The prototypes shown came from a range of scales, from the intricate connection details of fine meshwork and material studies to fully assembled diagrid columns and skeletal cloud membranes which formed the building blocks of past sculptures. 

Project Leads

  • Philip Beesley
  • Timothy Boll


Sarah Bonnemaison


Bria Cole
Susanne Eeg

Design and Production

Jonathan Godfrey

Production Manager

Ilana Hadid


Karen Zwart Hielema

LASG Studio

Filipe Costa
Adam Francey
Alkix Falconer
Mark Francis
Sascha Hastings
Lisa Jiang
Zubin Khabazi
Michael Lancaster
Nikola Miloradovic
Farhan Monower
Melanie Neves
Anne Paxton
Tahir Pervaiz
Sophia Rahn
Severyn Romanskyy
Mac VanDam
Peter Wang
Aidan Wyber

This exhibition has received funding and support from National Science and Engineering Research Council and the University of Waterloo Architecture.

  • National Science and Engineering Research Council
  • University of Waterloo Architecture