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Regenerate Forsyth

Winston-Salem Living Lab

Winston-Salem, US  2021

The Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) and Philip Beesley Studio Inc. (PBSI), in collaboration with Winston-Salem’s Institute for Regenerative Design and Innovation (IRDI), are bringing a visionary, immersive environment to Winston-Salem. This project sets the stage for co-building a city-wide Living-Lab initiative in collaboration with UNCSA’s Media + Emerging Technology Lab (METL).

In the first phase, January 2022, a next-generation architectural canopy will be installed inside historic Hotel Indigo as a part of Winston Salem’s emerging Food Innovation District. This physical installation will be accompanied by a publication containing enriched digital online content.

In the second phase projected for 2022-23, a large-scale living laboratory will be developed in a public space within the Winston-Salem community. This living laboratory will serve as a hub for a proposed city-wide Health Innovation District.

Phase I invites residents of Winston-Salem to explore the potential worlds of living architecture. Installed at the historical Hotel Indigo in downtown WS, the installation will create an immersive space for virtually exploring Winston’s emerging food innovation ecosystem. The physical installation will include a canopy that uses intricately detailed custom fabrications featuring responsive lights and motion, controlled by artificial intelligence. Connecting arts and innovation, this canopy will reveal a novel virtual interface that connects Winston’s rich culinary arts network with the growing regenerative agriculture network. The work will act as a glowing beacon for renewal that creates a powerful gathering place within the city. Accompanying this environment, a virtual online exhibition will gather the stories and reflections of Winston-Salem community members.

The Institute for Regenerative Design and Innovation