Ecosystem of Exploration

Delft Science Centre Testbed Sculpture

Edited by Philip Beesley, Adrian Chiu and Kevan Cress

This publication provides detailed documentation of current research and discovery kits developed by the Living Architecture Systems Group. The Living Architecture Systems Group has developed a series of flexible discovery and creation kits that combine interactive electronics, geometric constructions, modular software, and expressive patterns of sound, light, and motion. These kits can help enrich the experience of visiting an immersive Living Architecture testbed sculpture. The kits are designed for a range of viewers and users including members of the public, artists, performers and composers, students and teachers, and advanced researchers.

The material is designed to engage a wide range of users interested in exploring next-generation living architecture in imaginative world-making workshops, expressive performances involving sound, light, and motion, modeling of complex geometric structures, and development of interactive electronic systems. Advanced scientific research can be undertaken using professional editions of the kits. Users can employ dashboards for editing and exploring the interactive behavior of these systems. ’STEAM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) concepts oriented to elementary and secondary school students are integrated within this material.