LASG Symposium 2019 Proceedings

Edited by Philip Beesley & Sascha Hastings

On March 1-3, 2019, the Living Architecture Systems Group Symposium gathered
together a research network of architects, artists, engineers, scientists and artists
exploring responsive and adaptive qualities in contemporary architecture. The
Symposium 2019 Proceedings is a compendium of abstracts of papers presented at
the Symposium that investigate boundaries between living forms, synthetic materiality,
interactive technologies and behaviour. Presentations by 44 contributors cover topics
including biomimicry, expanded definitions of living systems, artificial intelligence,
interactive systems of immersive sound, motion and lighting, sentient cities and
intelligent infrastructures, organicism and ecology. Creative expressions and scientific
analyses are included at scales ranging from intimate couture to regional design.

Softcover, 150pp, 2019