Living Architecture Exploration Kits: Smart Cell System

Series 4 Integrated Systems User Guide

By Philip Beesley, Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet and Michael Lancaster

Living Architecture Systems Group

PDF Download CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

This folio series describes the Smart Cell system developed by PBSI/LASG to provide individual devices containing actuators and sensors with local “intelligence.” Smart Cell interfaces support the flexible development of distributed systems that can be easily multiplied and prototyped. The Smart Cell Software within this kit is based on individual units that can store and play back time-based sequences of values stored in a digital profile.

Smart Cells take both physical and virtual forms. In parallel with individual physical devices that have their own embedded control profiles encoded within individual Smart Cell–printed circuit boards, virtual devices are positioned within the firmware of microcontrollers that are in turn positioned to communicate across groups of Smart Cells. These virtual devices can be configured through an editor in a web browser on your own computer.