Living Architecture Systems Description

Extensible Spatial Data System for Responsive Architectural Environments

By Kevan Cress and Timothy Boll, edited by Philip Beesley

Contributions by Matt Gorbet and Michael Lancaster

This publication documents a data framework entitled Living Architecture Systems Description that describes the components and assemblies that make up Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) physical testbeds. The publication forms part of a series of work-in-progress reports and publications by Living Architecture researchers and contributors.

The Living Architecture Systems Description (LASD) is designed for computational modeling and time-based media development and control. The folio provides core descriptions of this framework including background, definitions, and case studies. In addition, the text offers information on using the LASD in conjunction with several common digital content creation tools in order to facilitate data exchange between common software modeling platforms such as Rhino, Blender, and Unreal.