Living Shadows for Living Architecture Environments

Third Edition

By Philip Beesley, Kevan Cress, Matt Gorbet & Tracey Eve Winton

This folio describes a new Living Shadows initiative within the Living
Architectures Systems Group’s (LASG’s) exploration of augmented reality
environments. Living Shadows uses real-time projections to create a
virtual world that augments the physical shadows of an LASG testbed.
Creatures based on the sculpture’s physical components inhabit this
virtual world. Set free as “living shadows,” they are a way of exploring
how these normally static components might behave if they were
given the autonomy to move through and interact with the sculpture’s
environment. The publication forms part of a series of work-in-progress
reports and publications by LASG researchers and contributors.

This expanded second edition includes 2023 collaborative Living Shadows
projects integrated within “Is it alive?”, TextielMuseum, Tilburg and “Iris van
Herpen: Sculpting the Senses”, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Includes
download links to virtual reality models and additional video media.