White Papers 2019

Edited by Philip Beesley, Sascha Hastings & Sarah Bonnemaison

The Living Architecture Systems Group is an interdisciplinary partnership of academics, artists, designers, and industry partners dedicated to researching and developing next-generation architectural environments. Projects produced by this group are now showing qualities that come strikingly close to life. These experimental works can move, respond, explore, learn, and adapt.

Open boundaries and expanded dimensions run throughout the studies, exploring the scales of new adaptive and responsive architecture, from intimate personal spaces to regional infrastructures. Dimensions at the edges of human perception, subtle phenomena, immersive sonic environments, and precise measurements using innovative software controls are included. A deep involvement in computation and material craft is offered, reflecting the unparalleled new abilities of designers to precisely address material performance. This White Papers 2019 volume offers readers a sense of the variety and depth of research that is being conducted by Living Architecture Systems Group.

Softcover, 413pp, 2019