Symposium Schedule

March 1

OCAD University

9:00am   Reid Room
Registration and Coffee

9:30am   Reid Room
Welcome and “Resurgence of Organicism” Exhibition Opening
Curated by Sarah Bonnemaison, Dalhousie University

10:00am   Reid Room
Research Poster Presentations

Zeynep Aksoz, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Lancelot Coar, University of Manitoba
James Forren, Dalhousie University
Adam Francey, University of Waterloo
Parisa Hassanzadegan, University of Waterloo
Thibaut Houette, University of Akron
Mike Hu, Indiana University
Luke Kimmerer, University of Waterloo
Brian Lilley, Dalhousie University
Daiwei Lin, University of Waterloo
Lingheng Meng, University of Waterloo
Brandon Mechtley, Arizona State University
Richard Mui, University of Waterloo
Nima Navab, Concordia University
Michael Palumbo, York University
Soo Woo, University of Waterloo

11:30am   Reid Room

12:30pm   Main Auditorium

Anne Bordeleau, O’Donovan Director, University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Philip Beesley, Director, LASG

1:00pm   Main Auditorium
Making Vibrant Matter

Live Matter
Live Agency and Design
Maria P. Gutierrez, UC Berkeley

Living Construction
Martyn Dade-Robertson, Newcastle University

Phenomenon + Apparatus
Neil Forrest, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

New Materials for an Era of Material Change
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, CITA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

4D Printing
Design and Dynamic Forms
Tim Miller, Ross Stevens, Bernard Guy, Victoria University of Wellington

Research Exposed
Living Wall System Prototype
Petra Gruber, University of Akron

Feasibility Fueled Experimentation
Michael Fox & Juintow Lin, FoxLin Architects

Knit, Wound, Woven
Recontextualizing Architectural Typologies and Assemblies
Through Fibrous Composites
Andrew Wit, Temple University

Darkness by Day
Catie Newell, University of Michigan


3:45pm   Main Auditorium
Synthetic Cognition

Learning Through Interaction
Dana Kulić, Monash University

Toward Playful Intelligence in Shared Reality
Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield, OCAD University and York University

Toward a Unified Behaviour Previsualization and
Control System for Living Architecture Systems
Matt Gorbet, Gorbet Design

Engaging People in Interactive Architectural Ecosystems
Tomasz Jaśkiewicz, TU Delft

Improvisatory Events Using SC
A Modular Software Suite for Composing
Continuously-Evolving Responsive Environments
Todd Ingalls, Brandon Mechtley, Connor Rawls,
Julian Stein, Sha Xin Wei, Synthesis, Arizona State University

5:00pm   Main Auditorium
Subtle Phenomena & Expanded Perception

Integrating Sound in Living Architecture Systems
Salvador Breed, Poul Holleman, Paul Oomen, 4DSOUND

In Theoretical Physics
PB, IvH, and the LASG
Michael Awad, Artist, Architect and Independent Academic

Chaosing into Balance
Navid Navab, Concordia University

Field Work in Mobility and Atmosphere
Robert Bean, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Biometrics in Participatory Collective Arts
Alan Macy, Biopac Systems

6:15pm   Main Auditorium
Dinner Reception

7:15pm   Main Auditorium
Opening Keynote

Less Interference / More Dance
Paul Pangaro, Carnegie Mellon University

8:30pm   Main Auditorium

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March 1
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100 McCaul Street

Living Architecture Systems Group Studio
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