Poietic Veil

TU Delft Science Centre Prototype Testbed 2022

By Philip Beesley, Matt Gorbet, Aadjan van der Helm and Teun Verkerk

Living Architecture Systems Group with TU Delft Science Centre and Interactive Environments Minor of TU Delft

This folio documents an installation that was constructed by the Living Architecture Systems Group in collaboration with Science Centre Delft and the Interactive Environments Minor of TU Delft on the occasion of a workshop with TU Delft design students led by Living Architecture Systems researchers which ran November 7–12, 2022. The publication forms part of a series of work-in-progress reports and publications by LASG researchers and contributors.The installation has been developed as part of a research and creation initiative to develop architecture that approaches the qualities of living systems.

The structures that are documented in this folio include filamentary triangulated skeletal frameworks for highly efficient waffle, shell, and spherical envelopes.  Alongside these physical components, Poietic Veil serves as a foundation for a new system of intercommunication between different software languages used to program responsive environments. In anticipation of further collaborations with TUDelft’s Interactive Environments Minor program, the workshop culminated in the creation of Poietic Veil, a prototype testbed for communication between the TUDelft’s Connected Interaction Kit and the LASG’s own behaviour programming. Building on these exchanges, LASG and TUDelft envisions a future permanent testbed that will be used for ongoing research and curriculum development around responsive, sentient architecture.

This work has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under the EnTimeMent grant agreement No. 824160.