Poul Holleman

Industry Partner

4DSOUND Technologies

Poul Holleman (1984) is a spatial sound expert and software artist, who conducts extensive research, discovers new developments within the field while teaching software design in the domain of interactive media at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), and advances the possibilities of the medium in interdisciplinary contexts.

Poul serves as Director and Lead Software of 4DSOUND Technologies, a creative development studio he co-founded in 2007. In his practice, Poul focuses on application of spatial sound technologies to a variety of artforms ranging from light installations to interactive architecture and live electronic performances.

Since 2017, Poul has collaborated with Philip Beesley and LASG, bringing in his knowledge on production and integration of sound in kinetic architecture and space, which led to numerous enthralling discoveries and exceptional immersive installations.

Next to his artistic achievements, Poul also holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Sociology (University of Amsterdam, Cum Laude).