Living Dialogs

Can the buildings that we live in come alive? Could such living buildings help us to create a healthier, more sustainable future? Could they become adaptive, resilient structures that care for the planet while empathizing, comforting and inspiring us? The Living Dialogs series brings together scholars and thinkers to collectively reflect on living architecture and its implications for our changing world.

We believe that knowledge creation, like living architecture itself, is a collaborative and living endeavour – that meaning is not simply created through the exchange of information but that ideas are formed through open and emergent conversations.

Podcast S3E2: Collaborating with living systems: How mycelium can help us rethink architectural practice

With Carole Collet and Merlin Sheldrake

41:51 —

February 12, 2024

In this episode, Living Dialogs host Edgar Cardenas is joined by Carole Collet and Merlin Sheldrake as they engage in a wide-ranging conversation about living systems, what mycelium can teach us about designing for the future, and what this means for the future of architecture as a practice.


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