Living Architecture Exploration Kits

Component Catalogue & Introductory Assemblies

By Philip Beesley, Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet and Michael Lancaster. Edited by Bianca Weeko Martin and Adrian Chiu

With contributions from the Living Architecture Systems Group

Download Living Architecture Exploration Kits: Component Catalogue
Download Living Architecture Exploration Kits: Introductory Assemblies

This folio describes a series of exploration kits that have been developed by the Living Architecture Systems Group. These exploration Kits encourage experimentation with interactive architectural constructions.  The web-based software and the physical kit components that have been included within this set are part of an evolving collection of tools and component designs that have been developed by the Living Architecture Systems Group.

Included here are two kinds of elemental geometry kits titled Disk Hub and Star Hub for exploring non-electronic structures, and a series of integrated system kits that include electronics and active devices. 

These kits include components of skeletal lightweight architecture scaffolds, devices and mounts, and control electronics, accompanied by behaviour software and virtual interfaces. The kits are designed to encourage combinations of individual components within multiple distributed arrays. The scaffolds support electronic devices and behaviour software, interface and simulations, which in turn provide opportunities for programming and engineering.  The kits in this folio use a range of materials, from rudimentary materials such as corrugated cardboard and bamboo skewers, to engineered high-performance materials including acrylic and stainless steel.